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Curtis McClain is an American singer-songwriter known for his contributions to the house music scene, particularly in Chicago. He was born on September 7, 1960, in Chicago, Illinois.

McClain gained prominence in the 1980s as a vocalist in the Chicago house music group called “On The House.” He is best known for his collaboration with producer Marshall Jefferson on the track “Move Your Body (The House Music Anthem),” which was released in 1986 under the name Marshall Jefferson featuring Curtis McClain. The song became a seminal track in the house music genre and is considered one of the classics of the genre.

Curtis McClain’s soulful and powerful vocals, combined with the infectious rhythms of house music, helped define the sound of the Chicago house scene. His contributions to the genre have made him a respected figure in the music industry.

Since his breakthrough, Curtis McClain has continued to perform and collaborate with various artists in the house music scene. He has released solo material and has been featured on numerous tracks by other producers. McClain’s passion for music and his distinctive vocal style have made him a beloved figure among house music enthusiasts.

“Move Your Body” showcased McClain’s soulful vocals and energetic delivery, and it quickly became a club and radio hit. The song’s infectious groove and uplifting lyrics helped it become a dance music classic, still celebrated and played in clubs around the world today.

Following the success of “Move Your Body,” Curtis McClain continued to work on various house music projects. He collaborated with other prominent producers and artists in the genre, lending his vocals to tracks and performing live at clubs and events. While he may not have achieved mainstream commercial success outside of the house music scene, McClain’s contributions have left a lasting impact on the genre.

Curtis McClain’s talent as a singer and his work on “Move Your Body” have solidified his place in the history of house music. His powerful vocals and energetic performances continue to captivate audiences, and he remains respected within the house music community.

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